Most women come for the hair, but stay for the unmatched experience.
Other hair companies only provide you with wigs or bundles, but not us. Choose the company that can guarantee its products. With 12 years in the hair industry as a distributor, our CEO stands behinds her brand by making sure every product is tried, tested, and worn personally herself before making it available.

We give you a 5-star experience from the moment you land on our page:


We offer a Personal Hair Concierge service that provides a personalized experience to our clients that ensures the integrity of the hair is sustained through the entire phase of the hair journey from purchase, arrival, and installation of the hair.


It’s simple! Once we receive your order, we will personally reach out with your arrival details. Never worry about being ghosted as we eliminate any stresses around how and when you will receive your hair extensions. After delivery, we follow up to ensure that you are satisfied and to answer any questions that you may have to ensure you feel confident with your most recent purchase.

Shop with ease knowing that Bella Monroe Hair is at your service for your big moments, little moments, and everything in between.

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It's levels to the hair game & our hair is loved by all the Baddies.


Built to Last

Hand selected from the finest temples in Malaysia is one reason why we have the best hair in the game. Our luxury bundles are 100% Virgin Malaysian & our Bella's have been known to wear their bundles for years with proper care.

No Shedding

The last thing you'll ever worry about is more hair in your comb than your bundles. Our hair does not have any chemicals & has no shedding or tangling.

Super Soft

No choice but to run your fingers through this hair. And you could definitely do this for hours and hours and hours.

True to Length

Falling short? Never! We can't relate. Our bundles are full down to the ends and are true to length.


Lace Frontal Wigs

Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Cardi B... These baddies hair is always on point. So, what’s the secret to their flawless hairstyles? Two words: Undetectable Lace. Our lace is invisible so it disappears into the skin so that it gives real scalp vibes only. Isn't the whole point of wearing a wig for it to look like your natural hair? Duh! So, if you want to wake up, feeling confident & looking flawless like your fave, then guess what? Babes, a frontal wig is calling your name.

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Ready to Wear Glueless Wigs

No wig experience, No problem! No extra money for a stylist, No Problem! If only buying a wig could be as simple & easy as putting it straight on out of the box. Most importantly, can the wig looking just like the freaking picture?! If this is what you want, then take the guesswork out of making your wig look just as you envisioned and check out the Ready to Wear wig collection.

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Glueless Wigs

Craving the flexibility of looking glamorous by day but wishing you could snatch your wig off at bedtime? Let's introduce you to this glueless life! Not only do our closure wigs look just like your real hair. Most importantly, they can be worn daily & don’t require glue or gel.

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Headband Wigs

Don't like spending hours doing your hair? We don't either! So throw on your headband wig & go. It gives a lazy girl the ultimate freedom at her fingertips. What’s even better is that you don’t need to know a thing about wigs except the fact that it looks good as hell on you. Literally throw it on & go!

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