"In a world full of trends, we aspire to remain Classic"

Meet Our CEO

Meet Trice Albea, the visionary CEO behind Bella Monroe Hair. A brand that goes beyond hair extensions, focusing on crafting a personalized experience while maintaining the hair's integrity throughout every stage of the customer's hair journey. While Bella Monroe Hair was still a vision in the making, Trice recognized an issue that many of us can resonate with - subpar customer service within the hair industry. She saw how customers were often left to fend for themselves when it came to finding the perfect hair extensions to suit their needs. The frustration of not getting the right advice or support during this intimate journey was all too common. That's when Trice decided to take matters into her own hands.

Drawing inspiration from her late father's career in the barbering industry, she established Bella Monroe Hair in 2012, right in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Trice wanted her brand to be more than just a product; she envisioned a personalized experience for each customer. So, she introduced the concept of a personal hair concierge - someone who guides you through the process, answers your questions, and ensures you find the perfect match for your unique style and needs.

As her own career evolved and took her on the road as a Business Consultant, Trice faced another problem. Her loyal customer base in Georgia and the Carolinas still wanted access to Bella Monroe Hair products. To address this issue, she transitioned BMH into an online store, ensuring her customers could get the same personalized service and high-quality products, no matter where they were.

Today, Bella Monroe Hair has grown beyond being a local phenomenon. Thanks to Trice's dedication to providing a unique and customer-centric experience, Bellas all around the world have access to the best hair extensions and wigs, paired with exceptional service. So, if you've ever felt the frustration of navigating the overwhelming world of hair products on your own, Bella Monroe Hair is here to transform your experience. With a personal hair concierge by your side and a wide range of top-notch products, Bella Monroe Hair isn't just a brand; it's your trusted partner in your hair journey, ensuring you always look and feel your best.

#1 Malaysian Hair Company

  • Best Hair in the Game

    Bella Monroe has been one of the top selling Virgin Malaysian
    hair companies since 2012.

  • Hand Picked from Finest Temples in Malaysia

    Our hair is Luxury at its finest as it is hand picked and sourced directly from the best temples in Malaysia. It is the highest quality on the market and blends seaminglessly with most textures allowing easy styling.

  • Long Lasting Luxury Hair

    Our hair is 100% Virgin Malaysian and lasts one year or more as there is no shedding, no tangling, and no chemicals. It is healthy, unprocessed hair that can be flat ironed, curled, or colored to achieve your hair goals.

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